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I have PHPUnit installed using composer and everything works as expected. I can run tests and I get the expected output.

This is my composer.json

  "phpunit/phpunit": "4.1.*",
  "piece/stagehand-testrunner": ">=3.6.1" 

I then installed MakeGood 2.5 using the marketplace,

  • Under Makegood > General I selected the preload script
  • The file pattern I use is 'test.php$'
  • Under Makegood > PHPUnit I have given the path to the configuration file.
  • Under PHP Include Path > Libraries I have added the path to composer/vendor.

But when I select a test file and I right click and select 'Run Tests' the bootstrap file is never called. Even if I manually add 'require_once "vendor/autoload.php";' to the file, the test is not actually run.

My guess is that the script is not started properly somehow.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? How can I run my tests from within Eclipse using MakeGood?



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Just to reply to my own comment, get the latest versions of MakeGood and Eclipse and everything will run fine. –  FFMG Jul 26 '14 at 6:17

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The composer

    "require-dev": {
        "phpunit/php-code-coverage": "3.0.*@dev",
        "phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects": "2.3.*@dev",
        "sebastian/global-state": "1.0.*@dev",
        "phpunit/phpunit": "4.4.*@dev",
        "piece/stagehand-testrunner": "4.1.*@dev",
        "phpunit/phpunit-skeleton-generator": "2.0.*@dev"
    "require": {
        "mikey179/vfsStream": "1.4.*@dev"

As well as the latest version of makegood and everything now works as expected.
Works on Kepler and Luna

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