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What should be done if a lookup returns null? I am using Lookup.getDefault().lookup() of org.openide.util.Lookup which is used for finding instances of objects. The general pattern is to pass a Class object and get back an instance of that class or null.

I am using it in the code below:

StreamingServer server = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(StreamingServer.class);
ServerControllerFactory controllerFactory = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ServerControllerFactory.class);
StreamingController controller = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(StreamingController.class);

Since no istances are found, null is returned for each of these, 'server', 'controllerFactory', 'controller'. I need to handle this situation so I can use these objects to access methods, as in :


server.register(serverController, context)

How can I accomplish this?

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I am running my project in Eclipse and have referenced the API's adding the .jar files in the build path. –  user1727270 May 13 '14 at 23:40

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