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For example, if I have the following equations:

equ1) 6y - 4x = 17
equ2) 3x – 8y + 7z = 3 
equ3) -y + x = -4

Then the Excel document should contain the coefficients of the matrix as follows:

6 -4 0;
3 -8 7;
1 -1 0;

And a constant vector:

17; 3; -4
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You should provide your own attempt at a solution. Hint: It involves sequential string/character analysis of the given equations. If you have trouble starting a program, consider how YOU (a human, I presume) might generate such a matrix given those strings. Writing out any form of pseudo-code typically helps! – Falimond May 14 '14 at 2:03
I'm confused. The title says you want to import coefficients into MATLAB, but it seems that you want to export the coefficients into Excel. Which one is it? If you want to export to Excel, take a look at the xlswrite command. If you want to import from Excel, take a look at the xlsread command. – rayryeng May 14 '14 at 3:10

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