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I'm not first who is asking and maybe not last. How to implement multiple uploading with CarrierWave in Sinatra? I'm using this code in action:

post '/create' do
  params.delete 'submit'
  d = Dcmnt.new(
    :published   => params[:published],
    :name        => params[:name],
    :description => params[:description],
    :created_at  => Time.now
  d.attachment = params[:attachments]
  redirect '/success'

With this model:

class Dcmnt
  include Mongoid::Document
  store_in collection: 'dcmnts'
  field :published,   type: Boolean
  field :name,        type: String
  field :description, type: String
  field :created_at,  type: Date
  mount_uploader :attachment, Uploader, type: String

And this form:

%form{:method => "post", :action => "/create", :enctype => "multipart/form-data"}
  %input{:type => "checkbox", :name => "published", :value => "true"} Published?
  %input{:name => "name"}
  %textarea{:name => "description", :rows => "5"}
    %label Attachments
    %input{:type => "file", :name => "attachments[]"}
    %input{:type => "file", :name => "attachments[]"}
    %input{:type => "file", :name => "attachments[]"}
    %input{:type => "file", :name => "attachments[]"}
    %input{:type => "file", :name => "attachments[]"}

Also CW's configuration:

class Uploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  storage :file
  def store_dir
    'attachments/' + model.id

Looks correct, but doesn't work. When I'm trying to upload couple of files either single file, Pow returns me no implicit conversion of nil into String on d.attachment = params[:attachments] line. And I can't figure out why. Can you help me with this?

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If I'm not getting wrong you have one database column attachment (which is mounted on carrierwave) and you want multiple entries to be save in database on that one column can you explain how that is logically possible unless I'm missing something –  Viren May 14 at 2:09
No, I'm just mounting uploader to Dcmnt class, attachments stores in /public/attachemnts/OBJ_ID folder. –  askhat May 14 at 2:11
that right but d.attachment = params[:attachments] I believe params would be array as oppose of file objects(multipart) as oppose to only file object(multipart) –  Viren May 14 at 2:27
So what I got to do? –  askhat May 14 at 2:36
If it more then one image (where each image in collection in mongodb) shouldnt it a separate class all together only specifically for it like class Attachment ; include Mongoid::Document; field :image,type: String mount_upoloader :image,Uploader... and use referencing or embedding a documents feature in mongoid/mongodb –  Viren May 14 at 3:55

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