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I am currently looking into the replication solution for the PostgreSQL on windows. The replicated database will be used for reporting purposes in read-only mode. My requirements:

  1. Replicate between different versions of windows a) 9.0 to 9.3+ b) 9.2 to 9.3+
  2. Not to overload server with master database
  3. Quick setup.
  4. Would be nice to exclude some tables

Londiste sound like an ideal solution:

  1. Can copy selected tables with reduced schema
  2. Can create tables on slave automatically with full or reduced schema
  3. Can replicate only selected tables
  4. It is very mature solution
  5. Seems like it's easy to setup and administer

The main problem of this package is scant documentation.

I've been trying to setup skytools 3.2 on a windows box but it requires PgQ modules for PostgreSQL.

Does anyone have experience with using Londiste / skytools on windows or knows how to compile pgq_lowlevel.dll, pgq_triggers.dll, logtriga.dll libraries on windows machine.

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Londiste looks ideal for your purposes, except for the "Windows" aspect. Like many 3rd party PostgreSQL extensions there's little interest in supporting it on Windows. You may wish to consider engaging somebody to port and document it for Windows if you plan to use it for serious production - see postgresql.org/support/professional_support –  Craig Ringer May 14 at 4:59

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