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I'm using urlretrieve from the urllib module.

I cannot seem to find how to add a User-Agent description to my requests.

Is it possible with urlretrieve? or do I need to use another method?

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You can use URLopener or FancyURLopener classes. The 'version' argument specifies the user agent of the opener object.

opener = FancyURLopener({}) 
opener.version = 'Mozilla/5.0'
opener.retrieve('http://example.com', 'index.html')
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Consider fixing .version (it's too small of an edit for me to do it) –  emartel Nov 14 '12 at 14:30

I don't think it's possible with urlretrieve - at least not easily. I would propose to create an urllib2.Request object and pass the required headers to it. See


for examples.

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