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In our project there are two databases


Based on some retention timeout the data will be pushed from Transactional to Warehouse DB.So now i want to take the backup of the Transactional DB backup till a particular date. is it possible? or is there any better way to resolve this?

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Irrespective of the type of database - datawarehouse or transactional;

There are two ways you can perform a backup - HOT and COLD HOT - the database is up when you perform the backup COLD - the database is not available when you perform the backup

There are two types of backup you can perform - FULL and INCREMENTAL I general prefer the following strategy

Create a FULL backup on a weekly basis and an INCREMENTAL backup on a daily basis Backup the database log on a hourly (based on your requirement) basis - this is only for transaction database

if the version of your database allows the backup HOT, go ahead and do it; if not you will need a cold backup Also, after completing the datawarehouse take a full load.

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