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I am new to web development and still learning. Recently i have found a exercise online for building a file explorer app using Python and Django. The requirement for the front-end and back-end are as follows

Client side frontend

  1. First page is a login screen.
  2. Once the login is successful, a file explorer page should be opened.
  3. The file explorer should list all the file and folders in a certain directory (hardcoded) in the server, the user should be able to go into folders by clicking them. If a file is clicked, it should open the file as a text file and display the first n lines of the file in the browser.

Server side backend

  1. All authentication should happen in a restful way between the backend and frontend.
  2. The back-end should supply the list of Files and Folders for the front-end to display using REST API.
  3. The back-end should also read and return the first n lines in any file as requested by the front-end, using REST API.

How do i apporach for building this app? I do not want the full solution just a headstart would be helpfull....

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I would use delphi+unigui to create a web application for such mission. First the unigui (unigui.com) is actually a wrapper of Sencha extjs (http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs) which let you code in delphi and display it as extjs. Here is a greate online example (which built using unigui) to show you the power of unigui: mslider.net

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Start learning django from the official documentation. Design your frontend using some client side language such as JavaScript. You can use django rest framework for API calls. If you get stuck somewhere you can ask a question about the specific problems you are facing. Nobody in SO can walk through the whole process of building a web application.

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