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I am using a softeware Oracle SQL Devleoper for making an ERD of the tables. I sucessfully created the ERD but not showing arrows relationship. Any help?


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I don't see that there are any relationships (foreign keys). Only see a primary key in each table.

To create a relationship, you need a column in a child table, referencing a unique key in the parent table, enforced by a foreign key constraint.

Check for FK constraints on the table:

select constraint_name, status, invalid
   from all_constraints
   where table_name = 'FAMILY_INFO' and owner = 'FYP' and constraint_type = 'R'

If I had to guess, the most obvious answer is usually the right one, and it would be that your FKs have been dropped, or disabled.

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i have updated above. Primary key is fIr_NO and a foriegn key in Family is also present. then why its not showing? –  user3400389 May 14 at 6:35
Updated by answer, check the FKs on the table with query provided. –  codenheim May 14 at 6:43
empty result i got. please tell me how should i solve it? –  user3400389 May 14 at 8:15

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