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I'm just learingn mobile web development and thinking about task: Is there a way to make a videostream betwen iOS, Android and Browser. What architecture and technology it should use. I already read this quetion on SO Peer-to-Peer video from iOS to Android? but there is nothing about browsers.

If it can't be p2p and crossplatfom at the same time. I thought i shoud use Red5 server or etc. or Xmpp

So I'm asking your advice and opinion here. Any information would be valuable

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I think you are talking about video calling like google hangout? –  Biraj Zalavadia May 14 at 6:53
Yeah, what can u suggest? –  user3395525 May 14 at 7:04

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Yes, You can !!!

There is new technology enforced by google is WEBRTC

It is stands for "web real time communication" and is an opensource project funded by google.

It is also support Android/iPhone native application.

I am working on it and got success say 60%.

Video clarity is good but audio is choppy.

You can find source code from Here

Discussion with community Here

You can see live demo Here


It is ongoing project and has not been stable yet. Google team is working on.Currently it is working on latest Chrome,FF and opera. IE has not given support yet.

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thanks for response and answer. I would be very thankful if you write some links about webrtc development for iOS and android. I found a lot of recourses about making webrtc on browsers but none for Apps. Thanks –  user3395525 May 14 at 8:34
you can write them to my email if it not allowed here. My email razoronline@mail.ru –  user3395525 May 14 at 8:35
demo for android and iphone available in webrtc source code –  Biraj Zalavadia May 14 at 8:36

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