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I have encountered a problem when setting up a Data Source in Oracle WebLogic Server that is an AS400. When setting it up and testing the connection I get the error message:

"The application requester cannot establish the connection"

When checking on IBMs website I found the following:

What does "The application requester cannot establish the connection" mean?

The Toolbox JDBC driver uses the system name, user ID, and password provided in the call to DriverManager.getConnection() to establish a connection to the IBM i database. If any of these are not provided, the Toolbox JDBC driver will display a sign-on prompt. If the Toolbox JDBC driver can not sign on to the system for any reason, it will throw an SQLException with the message "The application requester cannot establish the connection". Here is a list of potential causes for this exception: The system name is incorrect. One way to verify this is to use ping with the specified system name. If ping fails, then there is a TCP/IP configuration problem between your client and the system. The user ID or password is incorrect. The IBM i database host server is not started. You can start this by running STRHOSTSVR *DATABASE on the IBM i command line. You can verify if the IBM i database host server is running using the utilities.JPing application.


When I ping the server, it fails - which also makes sense. However, when I use just a plain java file that opens a connection, fires an sql and closes the connection like

connection1 = DriverManager.getConnection("server", "user", "password")
Statement statement1 = connection1.createStatement();
ResultSet result1 = statement1.executeQuery("SQLquery")

i get a perfect connection and correct result. How is this possible? How can I connect via WebLogic and ODI?

PS: I already installed the AS400 driver according to this manual

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Are you sure the WebLogic JDBC connection is trying to reach the same server, port and service name, and with the same credentials, as your plain Java version? – Alex Poole May 14 '14 at 9:08
it is exactly the same. the web logic, however requests me to name a port (which i double checked it is open) additional to the IP, while in the java file i just named the servers IP. – user3635771 May 14 '14 at 9:30
Adding what you actually entered might help. What port number did you give WebLogic? Is it actually the Oracle listener port on that server? If it's an Oracle driver then getConnection probably defaults to 1521, but I've only seen that used with a URL (including the port usually) so I'm a little confused. – Alex Poole May 14 '14 at 9:34
What do you mean by "(which i double checked it is open)"? That is, how did you check? (And what port was it?) – user2338816 May 14 '14 at 11:16
the server administrator confirmed multiple times that the port is open. Is there a way to check which port is open? it is the port 8474. i will try using 1521. – user3635771 May 14 '14 at 11:23

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