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If I use jquery media plugin WITH swfobject 2.2 I get an 'unknown runtime error' in IE.

It works fine in FF and other browsers.

If i remove swfobject.js then the media works fine as it loads using simple object/embed tags.

But I need to use swfobject as well (for other things).

Has anybody come across this or a fix?


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Try using jQuery no conflict.

// Do something with jQuery
jQuery("div p").hide();
// Do something with another library's $()
$("content").style.display = 'none';
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No Joy. Id be interested to know if anyone has used jquery, jquery-media AND swfobject and not recevied any js errors in IE.

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Try to set id attribute to the element with your video.

<a class="media" href="video.flv" id="specimen_video">Specimen Video</a>

I had similar problem and it helps me.

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