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I am developing a application using Backbone.Marionette, I am loading the files using RequireJs, I decide to use the strict mode for my app, so I declared

"use strict" on the function. But I am getting error like this:

ught TypeError: Cannot set property 'App' of undefined 

when i remove the "use strict" from function it all works fine.

here is my function:

define(["jQuery", "underscore", "backbone", "marionette","routes"], 
    function($, _, Backbone, Marionette, Routes){

        "use strict";


        this.App = new Marionette.Application();

            var Route = new Routes();



What is wrong here? how to fix this issue or how to apply strict mode to my function?

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It looks like this is undefined when RequireJS calls the function. Try using window.App, or simply even App to achieve what you are looking for. –  Sharadh May 14 at 9:39
I tried calling App but not works. it works by calling windows.App; But i prefer to call whether App or this.App - how can i get that? –  3gwebtrain May 14 at 10:17
It would help to know your motive - Where do you want App to be accessible? –  Sharadh May 14 at 10:28
across the pages/files –  3gwebtrain May 14 at 11:13
You can return App as result of the module. That way, wherever you require (['AppFile'], function (App) { ... }); App is accessible. Else, window.App is the same as App - window is the default global namespace. Try App = App {}; your js file, before the define line. –  Sharadh May 14 at 14:40

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If you add this to your main or config file you can then use the window as a dependency.

define('window',[],function(){return window;});
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