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Is there any way to make Visual Studio word-wrap at 80 characters? I'm using VS2008.

This post is loosely related.

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Is this a personal thing, or do you have an instructor for a class that requires it? I would find line wrapping at all rather... restrictive to my coding style, as I like to use long descriptive names for things. ^_^ –  Nicholas Flynt Oct 25 '08 at 14:54
I'm with Nicholas Flynt - restricting code to 80 characters per line is typical for uni assignments, but is in my opinion rather unproductive in The Real World[TM]. –  OregonGhost Oct 25 '08 at 17:21
Maybe 80 is too restrictive... but I prefer a relatively narrow setting because it lets me see the whole statement at once, without auto-hiding the toolbox and other auxiliary windows. –  JosephStyons Oct 29 '08 at 17:55
Restrict column width has many advantages. Read this: cookcomputing.com/blog/archives/000545.html See this: vulcan.eager.googlepages.com/whereis.png –  Agnel Kurian Dec 17 '08 at 7:48
I always allow word wrap for everything except Python, where it's confusing - precisely because I like to use long, descriptive names and want to see everything on the line, not just the first bit –  thepeer Mar 11 '10 at 14:59

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Tools >> Options >> Text Editor >> All Languages >> General >> Select Word Wrap.

I dont know if you can select a specific number of columns?

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VS 2013: no option for the number of columns; However the wrap is adjusted if you change the size of the VS window. –  Guilherme Salomé May 13 at 19:22

Unless someone can recommend a free tool to do this, you can achieve this with ReSharper:

ReSharper >> Options... >> Languages/C# >> Line Breaks and Wrapping

  • Check "Wrap long lines"
  • Set "Right Margin (columns)" to the required value (default is 120)

Hope that helps.

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In R# 8.x it's under RESHARPER >> Options >> Code Editing >> C# >> Formatting Style >> Line Breaks and Wrapping –  Vlad Bezden Mar 6 '14 at 22:33

I don't think you can make VS wrap at 80 columns (I'd find that terribly annoying) but you can insert a visual guideline at 80 columns so you know when is a good time to insert a newline.

Details on inserting a guideline at 80 characters for 3 different versions of visual studio.

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Alternative link: stackoverflow.com/questions/84209/… –  user9876 Mar 12 '10 at 11:34

To do this with Visual Assist (another non-free tool):

VAssistX >> Visual Assist X Options >> Advanced >> Display

  • Check "Display indicator after column" and set the number field to 80.
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Now under VAssistX >> Visual AssistX Options >> Display –  Eponymous Mar 25 at 14:46

You can also use
C-e C-w
keyboard shortcut to toggle wrap lines on and off.

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See also this answer in order to switch the mode conveniently.


I use this feature often enough that I add a custom button to the command bar.

Click on the Add or Remove -> Customize
Click on the Commands tab
Select Edit|Advanced from the list
Find Toggle Word Wrap and drag it onto your bar

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