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I have got following commands for gitlab repos import but I am unable to understand this. Can anyone explain the each syntax of this command??

bundle exec rake gitlab:import:repos RAILS_ENV=production
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It does execute the task "lib/tasks/gitlab/import.rake" which contains the comment:

# How to use:
#  1. copy the bare repos under the repos_path (commonly /home/git/repositories)
#  2. run: bundle exec rake gitlab:import:repos RAILS_ENV=production

Its full documentation is at "doc/raketasks/"

So there is no special arguments to pass to that command: simply copy the bare repos where they need to be for GitLab to manage them, and complete the import process with that command.

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The docs are not clear about this but the repo to be imported:

  • it must end in .git (common convention for bare repos)
  • it must be placed under a user / group namespace, e.g.: repositories/username/repo.git. If the namespace does not exist, it gets created as a group.

I have proposed doc improvement at:

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