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I have fragmented MP4 streams of H.264-encoded video which I'm trying to reconstruct in Chrome using the MediaSource API.

For the sake of this discussion, I have two made such streams, both of which play correctly when included as the src of a <video> tag. However, when fed into MediaSource, one of them does not work while the other one does. Looking in chrome://media-internals, both streams produce a bunch of Skipping unrecognized top-level box: mdat (even though one is clearly playing fine so it cannot possibly have ignored them entirely).

In any case, the one that fails to play get stuck at kInitPrerolling without throwing any error. I want to get to the bottom of this, however this is proving difficult as diagnostic messages are printed as DLOGs and DVLOGs in the Chromium source and these are excluded from Chrome's debug build.

Would someone be able to either:

  • Shed some light on why Chrome might be refusing the play the stream; or
  • Give some instructions on how I can see the DVLOGs from Chrome's MediaSource pipeline (preferably on OSX). Chrome Canary does not print out DVLOGs, while the Chromium build says H.264 is not supported, so I am assuming that the standard debug-building instructions won't give me an executable with H.264 support.
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