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I'm using vagrant + chef-solo + berkshelf plugin and this is my Berksfile:

source "https://berks-api.vialstudios.com"
source 'https://api.berkshelf.com'

cookbook 'php'
cookbook 'git'
cookbook 'vim'
cookbook 'apache2'
cookbook 'python', git: 'git://github.com/davidmarble/cookbook-python.git'
cookbook 'postgresql'
cookbook 'supervisor'
cookbook 'ipynb', git: 'git://github.com/rgbkrk/ipython-notebook-cookbook.git'

When I'm running vagrant up I see:

Using ipynb (1.0.0) from git://github.com/rgbkrk/ipython-notebook-cookbook.git (at master)

Which is expected behavior. On the other hand I can see this line:

Using python (1.4.4)

Which is wrong, because it ignores my custom git source and instead downloads official python cookbook. How can I change that?

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I'm not so sure, if it helps, but have you tried berks update? –  StephenKing May 14 at 11:30
There is no berks command, I'm using berkshelf vagrant plugin. –  mnowotka May 14 at 12:35
Dependencies are resolved in order. So you need to put the git sources at the very top. This has been fixed in later Berkshelf's. –  sethvargo May 14 at 19:26
Also, berks-api.vialstudios.com isn't a thing. –  sethvargo May 14 at 19:26
OK, I'll change that, thanks! –  mnowotka May 14 at 19:42

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