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So i've been trying to undo the braindamage that is my pyside installation, by completely removing all trace of it, and then reinstalling it. Surfice to say it's been a pain.

I'm currently encountering something really quite odd;

$ which pyside-uic
$ pyside-uic -o src/ui_mainWindow.py ui/mainWindow.ui
bash: /home/will/python-modules/bin/pyside-uic: No such file or directory

note that the pyside-uic it's trying to use when i run it is not the same as the one which pyside-uic returns.

What the hell is going on?

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In BASH, the command to find what file will be executed isn't which, it's type. The which command may not give you the correct answer. On my system, it's a command in /usr/bin/which.

See if that helps.

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TIL for 12 years I've been doing this wrong! –  sanmiguel May 14 at 13:46
To add to this, bash may have an old location for pyside-uic in its internal hash table; running hash would force it to check for matching entries in PATH directories again and update the hash table. –  chepner May 14 at 15:43
@sanmiguel exactly how I feel now! –  will May 14 at 22:26

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