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The following query returns results when running against a real SQL Server database using the Simple.Data ADOAdapter, but returns no records when using the InMemoryAdapter using mock data. Can anyone shed light on why this is?

    var adapter = new Simple.Data.InMemoryAdapter();
    adapter.SetKeyColumn("BKG_Bookings", "BookingID");
    adapter.SetKeyColumn("BKG_BookingItems", "BookingItemID");
    adapter.Join.Master("BKG_Bookings", "BookingID").Detail("BKG_BookingItems", "BookingID");
    adapter.Join.Master("BKG_BookingItems", "BookingItemID").Detail("BKG_Inventories", "BookingItemID");

    dynamic db = Simple.Data.Database.Open();
    var date = new DateTime(2014, 1, 1, 23, 59, 30);

    db.BKG_Bookings.Insert(BookingID: 101, InterfaceID: 1,
                                    LastUpdateDate: date, IsLocked: false);
    var bookingItemId = Guid.Parse("F236877B-D672-4FC4-8D7C-2B6910A87624");
    db.BKG_BookingItems.Insert(BookingID: 101, BookingItemID: bookingItemId);
    db.BKG_Inventories.Insert(BookingItemID: bookingItemId, ALCReserved: 1, FSLReserved: 0, RSTReserved: 0);

    dynamic items, inv;

    var db2 = Database.Open();

    System.Collections.Generic.List<int> results =
        db2.BKG_Bookings.InterfaceID == 1 &&
        db2.BKG_Bookings.IsLocked == false &&
        db2.BKG_Bookings.LastUpdateDate <= date)
        .Join(db2.BKG_BookingItems, out items)
        .On(db2.BKG_Bookings.BookingID == items.BookingID)
        .Join(db2.BKG_Inventories, out inv)
        .On(items.BookingItemID == inv.BookingItemID)
        .Where(inv.ALCReserved > 0 || inv.FSLReserved > 0 || inv.RSTReserved > 0)
        .Having(inv.BookingItemID.Count() > 0)

The problem seems to be with the Where clause on the inv table. Does the InMemoryAdapter not support filters on joined tables?

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