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My Riak Search index somehow comes to inconsistent state, numFound show more items that really was found. I Was clear my index and now it is show 34 phantom records:


status: 0,
QTime: 47,
q: "some_query",
q.op: "or",
filter: "",
wt: "json"
numFound: 34,
start: 0,
maxScore: "0.353553",
docs: [ ]

I was manage my index only using the Solr HTTP Interface

  1. Looks i got some broken records. How can i found and cleanup it?
  2. How to prevent this one in future

I was try:

  1. Reboot entire cluster( to eliminate in memory cache )
  2. search-cmd delete my_index

=>no success

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Looks like know issue, should use Riak 2.0 to fix


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