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I was wondering if it's possible to make a div change his width depending the scroll position. I'm trying this:

    var img = $("#lip");
    middle = $('#middle').offset();
    var y = $(this).scrollTop();

    if(y < middle.top){
        img.animate({width: "400px"}, 1000);
    }else if(y > middle.top){
        img.animate({width: "100px"}, 1000);

The problem of this code is that only one "if" work, if I delete one, the other works, but I want them working together!

The HTML is something like this:

<div id="header">
    <div id="lip">
        <img src="image.png" />

<div id="middle">
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I don't understand your expected behaviour here??? only one "if" work, if I delete one, the other works, but I want them working together! ??? if(y != 0){...} ?! –  A. Wolff May 14 at 12:17
I'm sorry, I don't speak english. What I want: When scroll = 0, then "width:400px" // when scroll != 0, then "width:100px" –  Paula Fleck May 14 at 12:22
So you could use: if(y === 0){img.stop().animate({width: "400px"}, 1000);}else{img.stop().animate({width: "100px"}, 1000);} but be aware than you should debounce scroll event: benalman.com/projects/jquery-throttle-debounce-plugin –  A. Wolff May 14 at 12:24

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Maybe you should write

if(y < middle.top){
    img.animate({width: "400px"}, 1000);
    img.animate({width: "100px"}, 1000);

you should add before the "if"

console.log(y, middle.top)

and open your JS console to view thoses values while playing with the scroll bar

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Didn't work. the "if(y < middle.top)" works, but the "else" is ignored when I keep scrolling. Sorry about the poor english. –  Paula Fleck May 14 at 12:25
what console.log(y, middle.top) returns ? –  Benjamin Mosnier May 14 at 15:25

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