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We have an internal packagist.org installation for our private repositories. These packages/repositories are hosted on our privat GitLab-server.

As we have a lot of packages (~150 and counting) it would be great to to add these by an automated command, that will register them.


I've wrote an command that will call the GitLab API to fetch a list of all repositories. That works very well so far. Now i'm at the point where i have to import these Git-URLs into our packagist, but i can't find a service or controller with an complete example of how to do that.

I found the WebController where the "magic" happens, but i don't find the point where the repository gets called to fetch the remote composer.json file (to find the package name etc).

I hope anyone can point me the way! :D

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Ended up writing my own method for that, if you need this too, you can grab the code here: https://gist.github.com/sweikenb/dc800442db8d0647bdbe

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