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I need to do a boxplot (in Python and matplotlib) but I do not have the original "raw" data. What I have are precalculated values for max, min, mean, median and IQR (normal distribution) but still I'd like to do a boxplot. Of course plotting outliers isn't possible, but beside that I guess all information is there.

I've search all over to find an answer without success. The closest I've come is the same question but for R (which I'm unfamiliar with). See Is it possible to plot a boxplot from previously-calculated statistics easily (in R?)

Can anyone show me how to do the boxplot?

Many thanks!

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This functionality exists on the master branch and will be in 1.4 (which should be tagged 'soon'). github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/2643 –  tcaswell May 14 '14 at 13:49

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In the old versions, you have to manually do it by chancing boxplot elements individually:

Mean=[3.4] #mean
IQR=[3.0,3.9] #inter quantile range
CL=[2.0,5.0] #confidence limit
D=plt.boxplot(A) # a simple case with just one variable to boxplot
D['boxes'][0]._xy[[0,1,4], 1]=IQR[0]
D['whiskers'][0].set_ydata(np.array([IQR[0], CL[0]]))
D['whiskers'][1].set_ydata(np.array([IQR[1], CL[1]]))
D['caps'][0].set_ydata(np.array([CL[0], CL[0]]))
D['caps'][1].set_ydata(np.array([CL[1], CL[1]]))
_=plt.ylim(np.array(CL)+[-0.1*np.ptp(CL), 0.1*np.ptp(CL)]) #reset the limit

enter image description here

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Many thanks! Works really nice. –  Nicke N May 15 '14 at 13:41

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