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What i try to do?

I try to get my friends location through an ios app with IOS google maps sdk integrated in it.

What have i tried so far:

Analysed and understood that the below flow may be a worst case consideration.

  1. Get each friends current location information.
  2. Store them in a db in a server.
  3. Access them from my application through webservices.

Update: Google Latitude was helping to track others and later was depreciated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Latitude

My question:

Is there any direct API's available in IOS google maps SDK to get friends location information? or Is there any other way to do it?

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Direct API? How Google know where are your friends? I think you should go with your understanding that you mentioned in question. –  Bharat May 14 at 13:19
By integrating the google maps with the application and asking my friends to run the same application at their end. Thanks for your response –  2vision2 May 14 at 13:21
In that way you have to save friends location on server and fetch them with web service. –  Bharat May 14 at 13:23
Is this the only way with which i can get others location information. Or does google provide any kind of api's just to pass the latitude and longitude from one application to other application to track others? –  2vision2 May 14 at 13:25
At least i think so.. otherwise how does google know who are your friends and where they are, you have to make an WS for saving user current location to server and another one for fetch them. –  Bharat May 14 at 13:28

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