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I spent quite a lot of time searching for answers for how to solve issue with "EGit always giving error message permission denied" when one changes GitHub account to 2 step authentication.

Surprisingly I couldn't find that answer here , so thought of sharing answer with all

  1. Delete all entries related GitHub under KeyChain Access on MAC
  2. Delete existing and re-create keys under .ssh
  3. Follow steps under blog "http://olivierlacan.com/posts/why-is-git-https-not-working-on-github/"
  4. When Eclipse > EGit asks for user id and password , give Git user id and password as "Personal Access Token"

It works without any issue.

I think EGit / Git command prompt should give correct error message stating "the account has 2 step authentication enabled, can not access repository with password"

Hope this helps

Thanks & Regards, Vikram

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Please correct your question and put your answer into the answer part. You might be interested in reading this help-post, too. –  florianb May 14 at 14:18

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