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I am using rack-mini-profiler in my rails 3.2 project.

In gemfile:

gem 'rack-mini-profiler'

Everything works great. But my application is mostly a set of json endpoints. So while it is very useful to be to able to inspect the performance of html pages, I would like to also be able to see the performance of controllers that return json.

Example of my controller:

class UsersController < BaseController
  def json_method
    # you don't see the mini profiler ui for this controller
    render json: { users: [:foo, :bar]}

If I go to localhost:3000/users/json_method, I see my json response but not the profiler ui.

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As a first solution, you can just set the format to html, and render inside the html page:

The controller:

class UsersController < BaseController
  def json_method
    @users_json { users: [:foo, :bar]}
    render 'index', formats: ['html']

And in app/views/users/index.html.erb:

<%= @json.inspect %>

I don't care so much about my json result, now I have the profiling ui.

A solution where I have the profiling ui without changing my controller would be much better.

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