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I am using Spring Data MongodB 1.4.2.Release version. For Spring Data MongoDB, I have created the custom repository interface and implementation in one location and create custom query function getUsersName(Users users).

However I am still getting below exception:

Caused by: org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyReferenceException:
  No property get found for type Users! at org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.     (PropertyPath.java:75) at
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.create(PropertyPath.java:327) at 
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.create(PropertyPath.java:359) at
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.create(PropertyPath.java:359) at
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.create(PropertyPath.java:307) at
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.from(PropertyPath.java:270) at
    org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyPath.from(PropertyPath.java:241) at
    org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser.Part.(Part.java:76) at
    org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser.PartTree$OrPart.(PartTree.java:201) at
    org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser.PartTree$Predicate.buildTree(PartTree.java:291) at 
    org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser.PartTree$Predicate.(PartTree.java:271) at 
    org.springframework.data.repository.query.parser.PartTree.(PartTree.java:80) at 

Below is my Spring Data MongoDB structure:

      /*  Users Domain Object */

        @Document(collection = "users")
        public class Users {

        private ObjectId id;

        @Field ("last_name")
        private String last_name;

        @Field ("first_name")
        private String first_name;

       public String getLast_name() {
          return last_name;

      public void setLast_name(String last_name) {
        this.last_name = last_name;

      public String getFirst_name() {
        return first_name;

     public void setFirst_name(String first_name) {
        this.first_name = first_name;

       /* UsersRepository.java main interface */

        public interface UsersRepository extends MongoRepository<Users,String>, UsersRepositoryCustom { 

             List findUsersById(String id);


       /* UsersRepositoryCustom.java custom interface */

        public interface UsersRepositoryCustom {

           List<Users> getUsersName(Users users);

       /* UsersRepositoryImpl.java custom interface implementation */

        public class UsersRepositoryImpl implements UsersRepositoryCustom {

        MongoOperations mongoOperations;

        public List<Users> getUsersName(Users users) {
            return mongoOperations.find(
                    Query.query(Criteria.where("first_name").is(users.getFirst_name()).and("last_name").is(users.getLast_name())), Users.class);

       /* Mongo Test function inside Spring JUnit Test class calling custom function with main UsersRepository interface */

        private UsersRepository usersRepository;

        public void getUsersName() {

            Users users = new Users();
            users.setFirst_name("James");`enter code here`
            List<Users> usersDetails = usersRepository.getUsersName(users);
            System.out.println("users List" + usersDetails.size());

            Assert.assertTrue(usersDetails.size() > 0);
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The Custom repository does not work as mentioned in the docs - docs.spring.io/spring-data/data-mongo/docs/1.4.2.RELEASE/… –  Navi May 16 at 14:25
It works. Looks like the implementation class name was not correct. –  Navi May 16 at 16:11

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The query method declaration in your repository interface is invalid. As clearly stated in the reference documentation, query methods need to start with get…By, read_By, find…By or query…by.

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Thanks Oliver for the link. Do we have to follow the query method declaration for custom methods too. I thought you can declare custom methods to start with searchBy... Or as in my above example. What should be the custom query method declaration in above case for example if I have a field name with underscore such as first_name and setter/getter methods in the domain class as getFirstName / setFirstName(String firstName) –  Navi May 18 at 14:20
If that makes sense to you, please accept the answer as correct :). –  Oliver Gierke May 18 at 14:23
What should be the custom query method declaration if I have a field name with underscore for example first_name both in mongodb and in my mapping domain class –  Navi May 18 at 14:28
You can escape underscores by adding yet another underscore, yo you'd end up with findByFirst__name(…). As those method calls leak into clients, we recommend to rather stick to the Java naming conventions and not use underscores in the first place. Nonetheless, I've filed DATACMNS-505 to include a note about the escaping mechanism into the reference documentation. –  Oliver Gierke May 18 at 14:40
Thanks Oliver. I would follow Java naming convention as per your recommendation. Great to add escaping mechanism into reference documentation. –  Navi May 18 at 21:08

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