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I have this tables(Note Book table is in the self-relationship with IdParent as foreign key) : enter image description here

And I have a formView to allow CRUD operations.

Can you tell me why the IdParent remains null ? I've created a break point and I found that the IdParent is still empty (null) when I insert or edit the formView. The IdTypeOfBook is bound the same way and is not null, why only the IdParent?

this DropDownList helps users to choose the parent item

      <td>Insert in:</td>
            <asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="IdParentTextBox" 
                SelectedValue='<%# CurrentBookIdHiddenField1.Value%>' 
                DataTextField="Title"  DataValueField="BookID">

<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ParentBookObjectDataSource1" 
    runat="server" SelectMethod="ListOfAllBooks" TypeName="CodeSan.BookBusiness">


here is my InsertMethod AddBook.

    public static void AddBook(Book book)
        CodeSanEntitiesDataContext db = new CodeSanEntitiesDataContext();
        book.LastUpdate = DateTime.Now;
        //book.IdParent = ((book.IdParent ?? 0) == 0) ? null : book.IdParent;
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