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I did an installation on my Mac of a new Java SDK (1.6 -> 1.7).

On command line it shows the 1.7. And I even changed the Mac's Symlink of CurrentJDK.

But JBoss still shows me a path entry "java.home" pointing to 1.6. And it is not possible to change that via admin website.

Anybody know how to change that?

PS: I start JBoss from Eclipse, which knows also 1.7 now as default.

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Open the Launch Configuration for your JBoss server in Eclipse. On the JRE tab you can select the specific Java runtime that it will run in. If the option Project Execution Environment is selected (the default), then you can change it by opening the Project properties, going to the Java Build Path section, then the Libraries tab. Select the JRE System Library entry from the Libraries list then use the **Edit...* button to select your desired Execution Environment.

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I found it ... it was a bit different ... but thanks anyway. Eclipse: Preferences and seach for "runtime environment". There it is possible to edit the server and change the JVM. –  Andreas May 14 '14 at 15:51

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