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Does anyone know of a sample Xcode project that demonstrates how to provide user help and which closely follows the guidelines of the "Apple Help Programming Guide"?

The guide's revision history shows that one of the more recent new guidelines is to organize help books in a bundle. I'm experiencing some trouble following this guideline. Unfortunately AFAIK the guide does not make any mention of a downloadable sample Xcode project; and I cannot find any application installed on my 10.5 system with a help book organized into a bundle.

Does anyone know of a sample project or at least an open-source project which follows this "help book in a bundle" guideline?

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This link provides a step-by-step guide:

It's written for XCode3 but it worked for me using XCode4 (project's info.plist no longer displayed). The guide is bit wordy but 3 pages cover the whole process.

Apple Help Bundles can be found in /Library/Documentation/Help as with all bundles you have to Ctrl-Click -> Show Package Contents to see directory structure.

Many of Apple's own applications use the old Apple Help but Mail uses the new (10.6) bundle help. Look in this directory: /Applications/

Hope this helps.

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