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As title, good I mean with detail coverage of m.template, m.class_collisions etc. A paid book or free online resources would be acceptable too.

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RailsCasts.com baby!


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This should be marked as answered –  allesklar Jan 7 '09 at 17:51

I recommend the book Code Generation in Action.

Also of possible interest are Understanding Generators and the Rails::Generator documentation.

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Interesting, the book is print on 2003- it has specific Rails Generator coverage? I have read Understanding Generators, but its far from enough- I guess I want more annotation on the methods, they are kinda confusing to read. –  goodwill Oct 26 '08 at 2:20

Let me shamelessly answer my own question :) I found this peepcode does all the coverage I need with more:


Should go and read it :) (Too bad its not free, but I guess $9 it worths the money)

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