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histogram = hist(np,180);
name=['histogram-' int2str(k) '.png'];  
%% k is the iterator so basically I want to save all the images using a loop.

The image I got is only a horizontal line. Does someone know how to fix this?

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you can use savefig instead of imwrite

here is the doc http://www.mathworks.ch/ch/help/matlab/ref/savefig.html


h is the handle of figure. you could skip h to save the current figure.

(edit) savefig may not be there depending on the MATLAB version. In 2012b, it does not exit.

So saveas may be better:

hist([1 2 2 3]);
saveas(f, 'histogram-1.png')

This worked in MATALB 2012b. You can save it as .fig too.

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I tried your method but it gave me an error "Undefined function 'savefig' for input arguments of type 'double'" –  user3610523 May 14 at 15:38
i see. probably you should get the handle from figure not from hist. So, fig = figure; and savefig(fig, "histogram-1.pgn"). I dont have matlab at moment so I am guessing. –  otterb May 14 at 15:45
I tried and failed again. And for the saveas command, I got an error "Invalid Simulink object handle" –  user3610523 May 14 at 15:47
huum. maybe try to get a handle this way stackoverflow.com/a/4540682/566035 –  otterb May 14 at 15:51

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