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Polymer website says multiple inheritance (or composition) is not supported using 'extend' attribute in Polymer. I want an element to be composed of some methods from one Polymer element, and some others from another, to have it reflect application logic. Is there currently any way to implement that in Polymer? (like doing that using javascript mixins)

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I would also like to know if not allowing multiple inheritance is because of implementation complexity or a design decision? –  sepans May 14 at 16:01

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Polymer is now supporting mixin:

var mixinObj = {
   foo: function() {
     /* ... */

var mixinObj2 = {
   foo2: function() {
     /* ... */

Polymer('my-component', Platform.mixin({
  bar: function() {

     /* ... */
     this.foo();   // all the functions in mixinObjs are now accessible through 'this'   


}, mixinObj, mixObj2);  // Platform.mixin accepts multiple mixin objects
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I can't speak to the reasoning of the Polymer folks, but it's generally considered preferable to use composition over inheritance.

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Thanks, you are right. But I actually meant the same thing, which is, what are the composition mechanisms in Polymer, but my use of strong 'class based inheritance' terminology was misleading. I will slightly edit the question to make it more clear. –  sepans May 16 at 15:14
I'd like to see the answer to that question too. I'd recommend posting another question. –  Peter Burns May 17 at 0:29

Asked a similar question that goes in a slightly different direction but also covers your use case: How to extend multiple elements with Polymer

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Thanks. Very helpful –  sepans Jun 12 at 18:25

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