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Is there any way the set methods of a given class, are used when using Gson's fromJson method?

I would like to do this because for every String global variable of the target class a trim is made.

Is there any GSON API annotation for this?

I am aware that GSON provides the ability to write custom serializers/deserializers but I would like to know if there is another way to achieve this.

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No, there is not. Gson works mainly by reflection on instance fields. So if you do not plan to move to Jackson that has this feature I think you cannot have a general way to call your setters. So there's no annotation for that.


to achieve your specific need you could:

  1. write your own custom TypeAdapter or
  2. create a constructor that has the string you intend to trim and create a custom InstanceCreator or
  3. parse your JSON as JsonObject, do some processing of the strings and then use that object as source for parsing into your class.

I can provide you with more hints as long as you post some code or give information about your data/JSON.

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