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I am trying to have labels of the y axis from a ggplot between a categorical (species in Y) and a continuous variable (in X) presented in alphabetic order. But I am getting the Y presented with the last species in alphabetic order on the top of my Y axis and the first species in alphabetic order on the bottom.

Since I am new I cannot show images, but it looks like a list of species on the y axis and for each species is represented a point with its standard error bars to the corresponding x value (mean). And the species are presented with Wood Duck on the top and Alpine Swift on the bottom (the middle being ordered in alphabetic order).

I would like to have the opposite (species Alpine Swift on the top and on the bottom the species Wood Duck).

the command I used to plot the graph is the following:

# getting data for the error bars

# plot graph
graph<-ggplot(data=mydata,aes(x = Xvalues, y = species))
       +scale_x_continuous(" ")+geom_point()+theme_bw()+geom_errorbarh(limits)

I have tried to order my data set before to upload the data and run the graph. I have also tried to reorder the species factor using the following command:

mydata$species <- ordered(mydata$species, levels=c("Alpine Swift","Azure-winged Magpie","Barn Swallow","Black-browed Albatross","Blue Tit1","Blue Tit2","Blue-footed Booby","Collared Flycatcher","Common Barn Owl","Common Buzzard","Eurasian Sparrowhawk","European Oystercatcher","Florida Scrub-Jay","Goshawk","Great Tit","Green Woodhoopoe","Grey-headed Albatross","House Sparrow","Indigo Bunting","Lesser Snow Goose","Long-tailed Tit","Meadow Pipit","Merlin","Mute Swan","Osprey","Pied Flycatcher","Pinyon Jay","Sheychelles Warbler","Short-tailed Shearwater","Siberian Jay","Tawny Owl","Ural Owl","Wandering Albatross","Western Gull1","Western Gull2","Wood Duck"))

But I am getting the same graph.

How should I do to change the order of my Y axis?

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mydata$species <- factor(mydata$species, levels=c("Alpine Swift","Azure-winged Magpie"...). – Paulo Cardoso May 14 '14 at 17:28
df <- data.frame(x=rnorm(10),Species=LETTERS[1:10])

df$Species <- factor(df$Species,levels=rev(unique(df$Species)))

If you want to put y in some other order, say order of decreasing x, do this:

df$Species <- factor(df$Species, levels=df[order(df$x,decreasing=T),]$Species)

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