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I can't get any of the ui configs to be responded to. The one that's really irking me is select_limit. This is my tree:

$('#jstree_demo_div').jstree({ 'core': {
                            'data': [
                                'Simple root node',
                                    'text': 'Root node 2',
                                    'state': {
                                        'opened': true,
                                        'selected': true
                                    'children': [
                                        { 'text': 'Child 1' },
                                        'Child 2'
                            'ui': {
                                'select_limit': 1,
                                "select_multiple_modifier": "alt"
                            'plugins': ['ui']
                        } });

My tree displays just fine and I can interact with it, I just can't for the life of me to get select_limit to be adhered to. Similarly, select_multiple_modifier isn't getting adhered to either. I must be doing some setup piece wrong, can anyone help?


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2 Answers 2

I've answered my own question...jsTree the select_limit feature is no longer supported, and nobody has bothered to update the documentation. There are probably plenty of features that are no longer supported.

Summary: Out of date documentation. Use jsTree at your own risk.

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You can use multiple item of the core:

"core": {
  "multiple": false
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