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I am getting this error:

>           twitter_campaigns = wait.until(EC.visibility_of_element_located(By.CSS_SELECTOR, TWITTER_CAMPAIGNS))
E           TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

And this is what Im executing:

class TestTwitter(TestLogin, TestBuying):

    def setup(self, timeout=10):
        self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()

    def test_campaigns_loaded(self, timeout=10):
        wait = WebDriverWait(self.driver, timeout)
        twitter_campaigns = wait.until(EC.visibility_of_element_located(By.CSS_SELECTOR, TWITTER_CAMPAIGNS))
        assert True == twitter_campaigns

    def teardown(self):

So I'm wondering Why Im getting the above errors, on all the classes I haven't defined an __init__() method instead I defined a setUp and tearDown methods as pytest follow. Any ideas why is taking 3 args?

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Can you show us a full traceback? – user2357112 May 14 '14 at 17:57
I think there is just enough information to diagnose the problem, as I did it already. – Antti Haapala May 14 '14 at 18:06
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The question you should be asking is not "why is it taking 3 args", but "what is taking 3 args". Your traceback refers to a very specific line in code, and it is there where the problem lies.

According to the Selenium Python docs here, the visibility_of_element_located should be called with a tuple; it is not a function, but actually a class, whose initializer expects just 1 argument beyond the implicit self:

class visibility_of_element_located(object):
   # ...
   def __init__(self, locator):
       # ...

Thus, you need to call the visibility_of_element_located with two nested parenthesis:

wait.until(EC.visibility_of_element_located( ( By.CSS_SELECTOR, TWITTER_CAMPAIGNS ) ))

Which means that instead of 3 arguments self, By.CSS_SELECTOR and TWITTER_CAMPAIGNS, the visibility_of_element_located.__init__ will be invoked with just expected 2 arguments: the implicit self and the locator: a (type, expression) tuple.

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Wow!!! thanks, I missed one set of "()" so having it like: ((By.CSS_SELECTOR, TWITTER_CAMPAIGNS))) - got it working. And the reason is that EC (Expected_Condition) is a class, so my mistake was that I was passing 2 args to the EC class instead of passing the attributes for the visibility_of_element_located method. Thanks!!! – Carlos Melo May 14 '14 at 20:35
Nope, expectedcondition is a module. visibility_of_element_located is a class (yes, it is very confusing). – Antti Haapala May 14 '14 at 20:46
got it! thanks a lot! – Carlos Melo May 15 '14 at 19:34

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