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For instance in the snippet below - how do I access the h1 element knowing the ID of parent element (header-inner div)?

<div id='header-inner'> 
   <div class='titlewrapper'> 
      <h1 class='title'> 
      Some text I want to change


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Are you merely looking for a H1 descendant of a given DIV? Or do you want to identify it by class name? Or are you specifically interested in finding an H1 element with class "title" that is a child of a DIV with a class of "titlewrapper" which in turn is a child of the DIV with id "header-inner"? –  Shog9 Oct 25 '08 at 16:20
I just wanna be able to get h1 within a div with given id (in my case header-inner) –  JohnIdol Oct 25 '08 at 16:26

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function findFirstDescendant(parent, tagname)
   parent = document.getElementById(parent);
   var descendants = parent.getElementsByTagName(tagname);
   if ( descendants.length )
      return descendants[0];
   return null;

var header = findFirstDescendant("header-inner", "h1");

Finds the element with the given ID, queries for descendants with a given tag name, returns the first one. You could also loop on descendants to filter by other criteria; if you start heading in that direction, i recommend you check out a pre-built library such as jQuery (will save you a good deal of time writing this stuff, it gets somewhat tricky).

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Cheers bud - the script looks great, I'll give it a try and mark as answer –  JohnIdol Oct 25 '08 at 16:43

If you were to use jQuery as mentioned by some posters, you can get access to the element very easily like so (though technically this would return a collection of matching elements if there were more than one H1 descendant):

var element = $('#header-inner h1');

Using a library like JQuery makes things like this trivial compared to the normal ways as mentioned in other posts. Then once you have a reference to it in a jQuery object, you have even more functions available to easily manipulate its content and appearance.

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If you are sure that there is only one H1 element in your div:

var parent = document.getElementById('header-inner');
var element = parent.GetElementsByTagName('h1')[0];

Going through descendants,as Shog9 showed, is a good way too.

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getElementsByTagName() returns a list of elements, not a single element. Even if there is only one element. –  Shog9 Oct 25 '08 at 16:37
Oops. Thanks, fixed. –  buti-oxa Oct 25 '08 at 16:40

The simplest way of doing it with your current markup is:

document.getElementById('header-inner').getElementsByTagName('h1')[0].innerHTML = 'new text';

This assumes your H1 tag is always the first one within the 'header-inner' element.

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And this ought to be: document.getElementById('header-inner').getElementsByTagName('h1')[0].forstChild‌​.nodeValue = 'new text'; –  roenving Oct 26 '08 at 7:17

To get the children nodes use "obj.childNodes", that returns a collection object;

To get the first child, use "list[0]", that returns a node.

So the complete code should be:

var div = document.getElementById('header-inner');

var divTitleWrapper = div.childNodes[0];

var h1 = divTitleWrapper.childNodes[0];

If you want to iterate over all the children, comparing if they are of class 'title', you can iterate using a for loop and the className attribute.

The code should be:

        var h1 = null;
        var nodeList = divTitleWrapper.childNodes;

        for (i =0;i < nodeList.length;i++){

            var node = nodeList[i];

            if(node.className == 'title' && node.tagName == 'H1'){

                h1 = node;
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Here I get the H1 elements value in a div where the H1 element which has CSS class="myheader":

var nodes = document.getElementById("mydiv")

    if(nodes.item(i).getAttribute("class") == "myheader")

Here is the markup:

<div id="mydiv">
   <h1 id="myheader">Hello</h1>

I would also recommend to use jQuery if you need a heavy parsing for your DOM.

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