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Okay I have been working with gnuplot for sometime and have one question. I cannot make the plot size equal to the terminal size I set it to. There are examples of setting Lmargin,rmargin, tmargin and bmargin to 0 but this doesn't work on 'splot' which is 3d plotting. So I want to know what is the workaround for it?

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For color maps you can use plot ... with image instead of set pm3d map if you want to use the margin options as usual. For 3d plots, as you say, the margin options are not available, and a workaround would be to shift the position of your graph and scale it. To do that, use set origin and set size respectively.

For instance, splot x*y yields the following:

enter image description here

If you want to reduce the margins while keeping the same overall terminal size, you can try:

set origin -0.1,-0.1
set size 1.2,1.2
splot x*y

which gives you:

enter image description here

You probably get the idea. Note I set a background color just so you can visualize where the margins lie because of the white background in the Stack Overflow website.

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sure thnks for heads up! – user3302611 May 15 '14 at 19:10

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