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I'm sorry if this is a very basic question, I have searched for a solution but could not find an answer. I'm trying to copy a table, and then join three columns to the new table based on a common column.

The main table I'm working off of is master.alldata. I create a copy of it using:

select * into personal.alldata FROM master.alldata;

alldata has a PersonID column that serves as the master key.

I then want to add the three columns from another table, thirdparty.moredata. This table has a PersonID column, and three data columns. I create space in my main table using:

alter table personal.alldata
ADD data1 float;

(repeating this for data2 and data3)

Then finally I want to add data1, 2, and 3 to the master table, matching on the PersonID from both tables. I tried using this:

INSERT into personal.alldata (data1, data2, data3)
SELECT moredata.data1, mordata.data2, moredata.data3
FROM thirdparty.moredata
INNER JOIN personal.alldata
ON alldata.PersonID = moredata.personid;

The result still leaves null values in the data1, data2, and data3 columns. What am I missing?

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Are you trying to UPDATE the rows that get added or add new rows? – sgeddes May 14 '14 at 19:37

Sounds like you want to UPDATE your data, not INSERT new data. Depending on the RDBMS, the syntax is slightly different:


UPDATE personal.alldata ad
   JOIN thirdparty.moredata md ON ad.PersonID = md.PersonID
SET ad.data1 = md.data1

SQL Server:

SET ad.data1 = md.data1
FROM personal.alldata ad 
   JOIN thirdparty.moredata md ON ad.PersonID = md.PersonID
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