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How do I backup my Subversion Repository nightly? I have a network drive I'd like to dump the repository to on a nightly basis.

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Check out the Repository Maintenance chapter in The Book on how to pull a dump out of the repository. Then use a timed service (at or cron for example, or the very nice task scheduler in Windows OS's, depends on your server's system) to execute the dump nightly. Done.

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depending on the size of the repository a dump is not the best method to do this, as creating a dump and restoring a dump will take some time. You should use svnadmin hotcopy – Peter Parker Mar 2 '10 at 21:52
the link to SVNBook goes to outdated version – bahrep Sep 21 '12 at 8:56

The SVN book has a section on Repository Backup.

The svnadmin hotcopy command allows you to safely backup a live repository.

The svnsync command is another possibility.

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I just wrote a short script to do the job. The first run does a full backup, every further run does just an increment over the last commits during last backup. the backup files will get the number of the last revision to track the procedure.

Set up the right settings for

WORKDIR=path to where this script resists

SVN_REPO_LOCATION=path to where the repository resists on hd

BACKUPDIR=path to where the backup should goes to

SVN_LOACTION=root location which you use in your svn command

and add the script to cronjob, thats it.


CURRENT_VERSION=`svn info $SVN_LOACTION | grep Revision | awk '{print $2}'`
LAST_VERSION=`cat svn.version 2>/dev/null`
mkdir -p $BACKUPDIR;
if [ "$LAST_VERSION" = "" ]
        echo fullbackup;
        svnadmin dump -q $SVN_REPO_LOCATION > $BACKUPDIR/svn_backup_$CURRENT_VERSION.dump;
        echo $CURRENT_VERSION > svn.version;
        if [ "$LAST_VERSION" == "$CURRENT_VERSION" ]
                echo backup not necessary;
                echo incremental;
                svnadmin dump -q $SVN_REPO_LOCATION -r$LAST_VERSION:$CURRENT_VERSION --incremental  > $BACKUPDIR/svn_backup_$CURRENT_VERSION.dump;
                echo $CURRENT_VERSION > svn.version;
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