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The jist is I want to copy all the compiled files from a project to another folder after a build is finished. I figured I would use a Copy task in the AfterBuild target. Is there any way to get a list of built files in this target so I know exactly which files to copy?



Read my comment below to see how I figured this out. However, this isn't an elegant solution. What I am really looking for is an ItemGroup of built files. Does that exist?

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Well, after thrashing on this for awhile I found something that worked, but it doesn't seem very clean. There is an Item Group called FileWrites that lists all the files that were written to. After I exclude a funky cache file, I get the list I want. Here is my after build task: <Target Name="AfterBuild"> <ItemGroup> <SourceFiles Include="@(FileWrites)" Exclude="***.cache" /> </ItemGroup> <Copy SourceFiles="@(SourceFiles)" DestinationFolder="..\..\..\Deploy\IanPmServices\bin" /> </Target> –  Ely Mar 2 '10 at 22:56

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The build process does what it needs to & writes what it needs to. It doesn't know that you in particular are only interested in a subset of what it does.

Why do you think the FileWrites itemgroup isn't clean enough?

Our build process ouputs .dll & .pdb, and also .config, .xml, .doc. We use post-build copy operations based on the FileWrites group, including a couple of conditional operations for a few customer-specific files.


With our upcoming Silverlight project, we'll also be dealing with .xaml & .xap.

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the FileWrites contains multiple copies of the files, from the output path and the obj dir, as well as a .cache file that I don't need. It works, but I have to scrub the data a bit to get what I actually want. Seems that this should just be something available (it is when calling a msbuild task). I'm just confirming that there isn't anything available that I havent found yet. –  Ely Mar 3 '10 at 17:13
Can you use the output of the individual tasks that do provide the list to do the copy at task-end instead of job-end? >>...should just be something available...<< the generic build process has no way of knowing what files are significant to a particular task. For instance, I use an Exec task to run a PowerBuilder application compile. There's no way for anything to know that the output .exe & .pbd are significant, and the written-at-the-same-time .bak & .pbl are not. That's up to me to know & to script for. –  DaveE Mar 3 '10 at 17:45

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