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Every time I spin up a new project in Visual Studio I have a collection of JavaScript files in the Scripts directory - some of which I will use. Now my projects directory is filled with identical JavaScript files, Entity Framework DLLs, etc.

Is there a way that I can keep a centralized folder and have all of the projects reference that location? I have considered using a CDN for files like jQuery but it also helps to have the files locally in case (gasp) I am not "on the line".

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You can do that, but IMO you're creating a potential problem for anyone else who might have to maintain your code at a later date; they will need an identical folder structure on their machine, containing the same files, without which projects might not load or compile properly. Is it such a big problem to have multiple copies of scripts or reference DLL's on one machine ? I don't believe so. –  sh1rts May 15 at 1:16
What about nuGet ? You can have a local nuget repository for your organisation. –  blorkfish May 15 at 1:24
You could create your own static website and reference the js files from there. –  GôTô May 15 at 12:15

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