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I am searching through a large codebase and find vimgrep unusably slow, so I'm using :grep from within vim, which displays a list of files, then says Press ENTER or type command to continue.

After I press Enter I can then type :copen to get to the list of results. But I'm wondering if I could automate this process? Adding the -q flag to grep seems to have the effect of causing grep to do nothing and then copen to be blank, which, unless I'm doing something wrong here, isn't really desirable.

I am using vim 7.4

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You could define such a command :

command! -bar -nargs=1 Grep silent grep <q-args> | redraw! | cw

This will allow you to call it like Grep pattern, and :cw which opens the quickfix list only if it isn't empty.

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When I run Grep "pattern" I just get E471: Argument required –  quant May 15 at 4:08
You don't need quotes, if you must, then use single quotes ' –  Dhruva Sagar May 15 at 5:28
I like how this skips the "Press ENTER" message. For some reason, it didn't like the |s here (I got E488: Trailing characters: cw /dev/null), so I had to tweak it: command! -bar -nargs=1 Grep silent execute "grep <args>" | redraw! | cw The reason may be that my grepprg=grep -n $* /dev/null –  joeytwiddle Jul 31 at 21:48

Use an autocommand. Here is the one suggested by Tim Pope for :Ggrep. It will work for your case as well:

autocmd QuickFixCmdPost *grep* cwindow

For more information see:

:h :au
:h QuickFixCmdPost
:h :cwindow
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