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I have a very simple problem in which i got stuck. Basically, I have an Alphabet database in which I want to access each letter one by one. For example, to access the image of letter A, I have to write -

ReadImg["A"] >> Letter; 

I need all the letters to be scanned, therefore I will increment int x. The problem is in the ASCII conversion. When I am putting a letter in the form of "(char)x", the compiler is looking at "(char)x" as (char)x instead of looking at it as a letter (e.g. 'A'). Can anyone point out a possible solution please?

void ReadDatabase(Mat &Letter, int x = 65)
    cv::FileStorage ReadImg("Alphabet.yml", FileStorage::READ);
    ReadImg["(char)x"] >> Letter;

Thanks in advance

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you may try this:

ReadImg[string(1,(char)x)] >> Letter;

it will convert your variable x to a respective char and convert it to string..

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ReadImg[ cv::format("%c",x) ] >> Letter;
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