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Like the question says How I should deploy a laravel project? that is already on github.

Do I need to install laravel whit the composer on the web server or just copy the whole directory of my proyect that have the folders app,public,vendor and the other files?

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Do the git clone <git_repository> and if vendor packages are not checked into the <git_repository> do the composer install once the repository successfully cloned. –  tharumax May 15 at 3:49

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It depends on your server. If you hava full access to server (such as vps or even dedicated), it's good to install composer there and do laravel installation use Composer, allow you to easily manage your project later. Otherwise, yes, you have to copy all files including vendor directory to your server.

Note, if you're going to deploying to shared server which you have no full access to, you probably want to create fresh laravel installation (production version of your project) with --prefer-dist and --no-dev locally first. It'll reduce application file size.

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