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I am using the hack to get the current view as the active state. Seen here:

<div class="navlinks1" ng-class="{active: $state.includes('myanmar')}"}>
    <a ui-sref="myanmar">Myanmar</a>

My css looks like this:

    border-bottom:1px solid #e6e6e6;

.navlinks1.active {
    background-color: #bdecff;
    color:#ffffff !important; 

.navlinks1 a:active {
    color:#ffffff !important; 

So that works to change the background. What isn't changing are the link colors. I suspect the a:active is not working.

Does anyone know how to change active link colors with UI-Router such that the links to the current view are a different color?


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should not it be like .navlinks1.active a{ } ? –  cjmling May 15 at 4:22
That is correct. The author has it right below. –  In code veritas May 15 at 4:38

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This should work fine, I think the issue is your style for the link:

.navlinks1 a:active {
    color:#ffffff !important; 

If you want these link colors to change when $state.includes('myanmar'), your css rule should look like this:

.navlinks1.active a {
    color:#ffffff !important;
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