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is it possible to slice Array2D in F#? say, let tmp =Array2D.init 100 100 (fun x y -> x * 100 + y)

how to retrieve some columns or some rows from tmp like tmp.[0,1..]?

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Yes. It's easy to grab 2D chunks:


However, if you want a 1D slice, I believe you'll need to project it out of a 2D slice

tmp.[0..0,1..] |> fun arr -> Array.init 99 (fun i -> arr.[0,i])
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When extracting 1D sections from 2D arrays, I find it handy to use Seq.Cast<T>. It yields elements from a 2D array in left-right/top-bottom order.

Like this:

let A = array2D [[1;2;3];[4;5;6];[7;8;9]]

let flatten (A:'a[,]) = A |> Seq.cast<'a>

let getColumn c (A:_[,]) =
    flatten A.[*,c..c] |> Seq.toArray

let getRow r (A:_[,]) =
    flatten A.[r..r,*] |> Seq.toArray  

And an example in FSI:

> flatten A;;
val it : seq<int> = seq [1; 2; 3; 4; ...]
> getRow 2 A;;
val it : int array = [|7; 8; 9|]
> getColumn 0 A;;
val it : int array = [|1; 4; 7|]
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Great, then I also get fold and all that stuff. –  primfaktor Dec 5 '12 at 9:05

Yes you can, try this tmp.[0..0, 1..]

let tmp = Array2D.init 100 100 (fun x y -> x * 100 + y)
printf "%A" tmp.[1..2, ..3]

[[100; 101; 102; 103]
 [200; 201; 202; 203]]

If you only want one row or column you have to repeat the number.

[1..1, 2..3]
[1..2, 2..2]

If you want up to or after just leave the number out.

[1.., 2..3]
[..2, 2..2]

Array slicing always returns the same order array.

> tmp.[1..1, 2..2]
val it : int [,] = [[102]]

> tmp.[1..1, 2..2].[0, 0]
val it : int = 102
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You have provided an answer yourself.

The sample code in your question will give you exactly what you want. I have changed it only slightly to better show that it works.

let tmp = Array2D.init 10 10 (fun x y -> sprintf "%d,%d" x y)
//3rd row
let row3 = tmp.[2,0..]
//2nd column
let col2 = tmp.[0..,1]

The key thing here is to use a single value for a row or column. It then gives you a slice as a 1D array. If you use ranges for both rows and columns then you get a slice of type Array2D.

Edit: Works on Visual F# 3.1.1, older versions not tested.

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maybe you should add that this is a newer F# feature - the question is a bit older - but still a valuable update - thanks for going over this old stuff again! –  Carsten König Aug 15 '14 at 17:07
Thx, I would if I have known it was. I use Visual F# 3.1.1 and it works - don't know about older versions. –  Infinum Aug 16 '14 at 2:27

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