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I'm trying for what is done in Apple's "Maps" app when "Directions" is selected:

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Does anyone know how to have multiple rows of UIBarButtonItems? I haven't found the answer anywhere. I can add items in a single row to the UIToolbar as follows:

    NSArray *newItems = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: settingsButton, textFieldStartItem, goButton, nil];
    toolBar.items = newItems;   

But that just puts all of the items in the same row.

Any ideas?

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This is not a standard toolbar, but a custom view. You can't do this using the basic UI classes, you'll have to write your own. A simple thing to try is to create a large toolbar and add fields as standard subviews on top of it.

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Hmm, ok thanks! Thought that might be the case. –  Eric Mar 2 '10 at 21:41

You would have to create a UIBarButtonItem with a custom view.

- (id)initWithCustomView:(UIView *)customView
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