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I want to synchronize a folder on my drive with another folder that contains a folder named 'logs' that i want to keep. confused? here's a diagram:

|-- mydir/ # sync this folder
|   `-- someotherfiles.txt
`-- anotherDir/ # into this folder
    |-- logs/ # but if this exists, leave it there
    `-- someotherfiles.txt

Is this possible using the sync task? I can't seem to configure it properly, my latest attempt might allude you to my scenario so here it is (not working):

task syncDevDeployFolder(type: Sync, group: 'dev') {
    from currentDeliverablesDir
    destinationDir = file(['dev.deployment.dir'])
    into (['dev.deployment.dir']) {
        exclude "logs"
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Is this possible using the sync task?

No, the Sync task doesn't currently support this.

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You can fallback to ant's sync task. ant object is available to all gradle build scripts anyways

task antSync << {
        ant.fileset(dir: "source/")
        ant.preserveintarget(includes: "logs/")
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